Sankranthi is a harvest festival that is celebrated all over India in unique styles of the region. Few things that are common in celebrating this festival are flying kites, bonfires, singing, dancing, decorating, and offering prayers to cows. It draws all urbanities to their native places to take part in festivities and enjoy delicious food. Sankranthi is truly a beautiful festival holiday, no matter how it is celebrated as it reminds home.

At Sankranthi we want to celebrate each region with their iconic dishes. We aspire to bring each region's iconic and extraordinary creations, a much-deserved recognition. It’s a humble attempt to replicate the authentic dishes that were confined to family kitchens. Spices, fresh vegetables, and fresh meats are carefully sourced to bring the gourmet recipes to the table. Quality is given preference over quantity as food tastes it’s best when made in small batches. Sankranthi is a must try experience for all Indian food lovers. Each recipe is specially prepared to bring unique flavor and texture. While you enjoy the food in a casual setting which feels like home we are sure you will Transcend to the Land of Spice into the festival of harvest where memories are created and food is Celebrated …..